Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leverage Your Time

Surfing efficiently is key in our online business. Getting traffic exchange sites in tags lined up across the top of your browser saves time and uses less of your computer's resources. I use Mozilla Firefox which handles this process well. We, also, need to get new eyes on our advertisements. Lately, I found a program that has different (mostly) traffic exchange then those we are using now. It even has a link to download Mozilla Firefox. After you set up in the traffic exchanges, the program list all the exchanges and logs in for you. There are 25 traffic exchanges. To join click pragmatics25

Another way to do more with less is to join the downline clubs that some traffic exchanges have in their members area. Also, you might want to advertise some of your traffic exchanges along with our business advertisement. Recruiting others to click for you is like compound interest. Take your time building up a foundation of traffic exchange referrals. Don't forget to put our business url in "auto" assign. If you want banner and test add credits, set the url assignment to 50 to 80%. Last, I want to discuss is auto traffic exchanges. They just run in the background while you manually surf other exchanges. Try autosurfads