Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surfing Chronicles 1

Why do I surf? I surf to draw visitors to my websites, to earn referrals in our affiliate down line, and to increase my income from offering an excellent service and an honest opportunity. I surf manual and auto traffic sites to build my business. Check out the number of team members we have in ebizbem. If you are one of our team members and you are surfing regularly, you are producing results that matter in our business. We are Quitting the Myth, Building Our Businesses, and if we don't give up, we will Live the Dream. Make time to surf.

We all like to set up actions so that things will go our way. One example is compound interest. Another example is paying off a mortgage early by paying an extra payment during the year. I set my self up to by referring others to traffic exchanges I use.

The goal here is to surf less so there will be time to be more creative in improving your business. When your referrals in traffic exchanges surf, the exchange issues you a percentage of credits your referral earns. Of course your credit allocation is on automatic, right?

As you surf, look in the member's area for down line builders, down line clubs, or super surf choices. Join the traffic exchange, safe list, other down line clubs and record your user ids wherever required. When others that you referred join the down line clubs, your sites on all the club sites get credit just like money earns compound interest at the bank.

Here is the short list of sites with down line builders etc...

action: Click and join


Finally, join my automatic traffic exchange and run it while you manually surf. It doesn't get any easier than that folks. Wait for it, now, here it is:


If you join from this site, email me at webmaster@autosurfads.com with normpollardonline in the subject box and your name in the text and I will issue you 10,000 credits.

Now, back to surfing team!